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The following information is being provided to you FREE OF CHARGE by Bee Hive Head Productions, LLC so that you may have some tools to work with as you develop your entertainment company.

GOAL SHEET -- Use the Goal Sheet to determine your direction prior to starting any project. Be extremely specific when writing down your goals. Personal goals should include personal decisions like getting married / divorced, buying a house, moving to a new city. Whereas career goals should include awards you want to win, like a Grammy, an Oscar, a Golden Globe. Be specific about how much income you would like to generate from your professional life. (DOWNLOAD)

BUZZ THEORY in a Nut Shell -- The BUZZ Theory Nut Shell sheet assist you in creating the map that will take you toward your goals. For a complete lecture on The BUZZ Theory, click on The BIZ BOX Series button and look under MARKETING for ‘Creating the Organic BUZZ'. (DOWNLOAD)

Work for Hire Sample Form -- Putting your project together and want to verify that all persons working on the project do not share in the ownership of the project? Use a version of the 'Work For Hire' sample sheet provided here to ensure no surprises will occur after your project wraps and you are ready for distribution. Have each person, who holds no equity in the project, fill out the form and sign it and keep it with your records. The Work for Hire form may become part of your deliverables upon a distribution deal. (DOWNLOAD)

MJ is the first person we turn to to get the answers to the questions to get us to where we want to go."
Jaques L'Amant, Musician, Writer, Producer, L’AMANT, http://www.lamantblues.com

Six Ways to Earn Money from a Song -- Learn the six different revenue streams that may be generated from the commercial exploitation on your song. (DOWNLOAD)

The Industry Cross -- A tool to organize your thoughts. (DOWNLOAD)

Hancock's Law -- An explanation of the BUZZ Theory (DOWNLOAD)



DISCLAIMER: The Lectures are being offered as informative ‘One Sheets’ on topics of interest to most of my clients. None of the information provided in the Pro Bono section is legal advice nor may be construed as legal advice. For specific legal, business, or marketing advice regarding a specific issue, please contact a competent entertainment attorney or business consultant.


"MJ promised to help us on a project and she fulfilled beautifully her end of the bargain. MJ is a lady of integrity always keeping her word. Helping others succeed is her forte. MJ knows her way around Houston. If you want something done well, ask MJ."
Dr. James Hodges, Writer, Performer www.leadershipbygeorge.com
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