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"I really think artists are uniquely different from those of us who get on the treadmill and get the economy moving forward. Artist seem to be standing on the outside looking in. It has been rewarding to see these people who have such a different view of what we're doing on this planet blossom and grow."
MJ Hancock in an interview for the 'Daily Court Review' December 13, 2001 article by Flori Meeks
  "With experience and a network base that blankets Houston and spans the entire country – Mary Jane Hancock’s commitment to talent in Houston is the missing link to success for the Houston Artist. From marketing to legal strategies, Mary Jane has this way of adapting to her clients every need – she’s the one artist rep I know that would help put together and distribute flyers for a band and then go meet with congress or something. Her energy, stamina and passion for performers are a breath of fresh air in an industry that can easily become all about the numbers."
Tiffany Junker, Director of Marketing Solutions, Sponsorship Development, Peal Media
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